An event will be held to regain a smile through traditional performing arts, history, and culture in a town where smiles have been lost due to the corona wreck. This year’s 8th “YATTOKAME FESTIVAL” is an event that focuses on the traditional performing arts, history, and culture of Nagoya, and aims to make people aware of its value through enjoying, learning, and experiencing them. .. “The place of art” Nagoya was influenced by both Edo and Kamigata under the Owari-Tokugawa family during the Edo period, and has cultivated a variety of performing arts and unique culture. The heritage is still alive today. This year, in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, we will use online video distribution as well as realistic events. Tickets for each program will be on sale on the website from September 28th.

YATTOKAME FESTIVAL 2020, we will carry out the following four types of various programs.
(1) Performing arts in the city: Kyogen, street Kabuki, storytelling, hurray Owari, Nagoya Jinku, koto, etc.
(2) Performing arts Nagoya Stage: Performing Kyogen, Noh, and Japanese dance related to ghost stories
(3) Machinaka Terakoya: Learn about local history and culture through 21 courses of lectures and experiences at historical and cultural spots.
(4) Town walking Nagoya: Experience a 39-course Nagoya town walking tour with a guide you like.

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