How To Play Video Games

How To Play Video Games

The obvious answer is no, you shouldn’t, but at the same time it does raise questions about what we are doing as a society and what we are missing out on. Instead of going and achieving dreams and accomplishing goals we are sitting in front of a YouTube screen watching others enjoy themselves. A good example of this is a YouTube star that goes by the name of PewDiePie. PewDiePie is famous for his videos where he will play video games and make comments about them.

Sounds like a fun little hobby, but for him it is a full-time job where he raked in over $7 million dollars in 2014 himself and at one point was purchased by Disney. Now what does that say about a society when instead of playing video games we now watch other people have fun playing them. It is odd that we have the need to watch someone accomplish their goals or dreams and never actually accomplish any of ours. Another good example is how important celebrity gossip has become in our society (An easy pun on this article). Of course you must have heard of the Kardashians, or maybe a hundred other celebrities who you have heard of, but know nothing about. What is our strategy, why do we sit and eat up all of this information when it has nothing to do with us in our daily lives?

We want to accomplish something, but by talking about all of this nonsense nothing is actually being accomplished. Maybe we should stop talking, complaining, or making a mockery of things that do not pertain to us and start dealing with stuff that does. By doing this we may actually be accomplishing what we want to do instead of eyeing up what other people are accomplishing. At the same time, sure some people do like making jokes of other people that they do not know, or complain about them and they do receive benefits. Looking back at the Shia LeBeouf video, there are pun videos that have received tens of millions of views. “Shia LeBeouf – Just Do It” is a complete joke on itself. It is entertaining and funny with a bunch of stupid motions thrown in. That is what we need. We need something that is entertaining to watch, yet at the same time the video to be motivating. While it is a joke to itself he is doing what he wants and he is trying to get other people to do it too through the power of motivation. So instead of watching other people achieve what they want through YouTube and other means, go achieve yours. JUST DO IT!

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Source by Dipak Majumder

How To Play Video Games

Mobile Phones Free Gifts – Infusing Life

Mobile phones are being sold in the market like hot cakes. People are considering mobile phones to be the smartest communication gadgets ever produced. People no more want to carry those bulky cordless phones while having a cup of tea at the lawn or watering the flowers. With mobile phones, the range of people’s communication has increased a lot. You can carry your mobile phone along with you and be in touch with the world even on the move. With mobile phone incorporating all the necessary features in them, communication has become much simpler, much exciting.

Mobile phone makers have inundated the market with a number of handsets which surpass one’s expectation both in terms of form and substance. The emergence of the online mobile phone shops has further helped in pushing ahead the mobile bandwagon. In the UK itself, a large number of online mobile phone shops have come up with something new for each customer. These online mobile phone shops have got many things to offer us, the users. Right from the latest mobile phones to mobile deals, we can avail everything at one single platform. We can even avail several mobile phones free gifts.

Many a mobile phone shops offer free gifts and offers to the consumers with their mobile phone deals as a mean to retain their customers. It has only been a couple of years that the process has been implemented, but it has become very popular all across the UK. Online mobile phone shops are now offering very attractive mobile phone offers and free gifts with their products as well as deals. Free gifts like Nintendo Wii, laptop, Xbox 360 Elite, Apple iPod, Sony PlayStation etc. can be easily won subscribing to a mobile phone deal.

The Nintendo Wii which was formerly known as the Revolution now makes use of special motion-sensitive controllers which allow you to throw a punch, swing a sword, or drive a car with a flick of the wrist rather than with the push of a button. The Nintendo Wii is a highly advanced gaming device with a broader demography than the Sony PlayStation3 and the Microsoft Xbox360. It’s the fifth home video gaming console released by Nintendo. Successor of the Nintendo GameCube, the Nintendo Wii carries some distinguishing features like wireless controller, Wii remote, WiiConnect24 etc. The Wii includes several lifelike games like Battalion Wars 2, Big Brain Academy, Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast, Excite Truck, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, The Legend of Zela: Twilight, Mario Party 8, Mario Strikers Charged, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Pokeman Battle Revolution, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Paper Mario, WarioWare: Smooth Moves, Wii Sports ans Wii Play.

The Xbox 360 Elite is also a scintillating gaming device with user-friendly dashboard interface. The device supports wireless controllers and accessories. Xbox Live service even offers online multiplayer (with matchmaking and voice chat) option and content downloads for most games. The Microsoft Xbox360 Elite includes a 120GB hard drive, a high-definition cable, a high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) port, wireless controller, Xbox LIVE headset and a premium black finish for the console. The device comes with enough space for a library of Xbox LIVE Arcade games as well as thousands of songs.

iPod from Apple is another cool free gift that can be availed with mobile phones. iPod can be of various types – Shuffle and Nano. While Shuffle doesn’t come with video playback facility, iPod Nano helps you to store your videos and watch them anytime you like. Apple iPods come with different memory modules – 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 30GB, 60 GB etc.

With so many offers and gifts, the mobile phone market has turned into a win-win ground for the consumers.

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How To Play Video Games

Xbox 360 RROD – Which Xbox 360 RROD Fix is the Best?

Well when I was first started searching for a fix for my Xbox 360 RROD I was overwhelmed by all of the information out there. There are a gazillion sites, each hawking their instructions (typically $24.95…you can get them free) and then there are the multitudes of YouTube videos claiming to have found the miracle cure. The three that I am going to review are what appear to be the most popular (and sometimes most ridiculous).

Number #1 – The Towel Trick – It goes something like this: You take the hard drive off, wrap the entire unit in a towel to prevent the excess heat from escaping, turn the console on for about 15 minutes to cook (some instructions recommend 1 hour), shut it down, unplug it for an hour, plug it back in and like magic it works. But why? I haven’t heard a decent explanation yet. Here is one of the explanations…”the unit gets so hot that it melts the solder that was cracking to the cause the red lights in the first place”….. Here are a couple of potential hazards as pointed out in the same instructions “could potentially damage other parts of the Xbox”…. “The unit could catch on fire it gets so hot”. I have to say I am going to rate this as the 2nd most ridiculous fix of the three in consideration. Recommendation: Do not use this fix.

Number #2 – The Ice Bath – I don’t even want to explain how to do this. Essentially, a rubbermaid tub is filled with ice water, some vinegar is added, the Xbox 360 is unplugged and submerged in the water/vinegar mixture. After so many minutes the console is removed, drained of water and immediately plugged back in. Need I say more. I actually heard of a kid who attempted this and was severely shocked. This as so many other fixes was presented as a YouTube video. It is really quite irresponsible and should be removed. This fix is the most ridiculous fix of the three in consideration. Recommendation: Do not even think about using this fix if you value your life.

Number #3 – X-Clamp Fix – This is the only legitimate fix I have found thus far. It is as permanent as it gets. Do not use it however if your Xbox 360 is still under warranty. Send the console back to Microsoft and let them honor the warranty. However, if the seal is broken and/or it isn’t under warranty this fix is your best bet. This is the fix in a nutshell; you open up the console, remove the x-clamps, clean up the old thermal paste, put new thermal paste on, replace the x-clamps with screws and washers, reassemble the unit, overheat, let it cool down and it works on approximately 90% of the units. Recommendation: Use this fix.

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Source by Sean Strickler

How To Play Video Games

A Brief History of the Nintendo

Let’s start off with the the history of Nintendo the founding company of the Wii and many other popular games systems like the Nintendo 64 and gameboy and Nintendo DS.

Following is a list point form of the the companies origin and growth spanning over one hundred years.

-1889 The companies founder Fusajiro Yamauchi, who is the great grand father of the present day president of the company, began manufacturing card game called “Hanafuda” He set up his small business in the Japanese city of Kyoto.

-1902 The original intent was to manufacture the card game, to export to different parts of the world. The game was a success abroad as well as in his native land Japan.

-1975 Nintendo and Misubishi Electric developed a kind of video game system and they introduced the microprocessor into video game machines for the first time.

-1977 Nintendo started to create video game systems for the home user together with Mitsubishi.

-1978 Nintendo started selling coin operated gaming machines, using their micro processors. They then shortly thereafter started a separate division for manufacturing their coin operated machines.

-1980 Nintendo came to America for the first time, they created the branch Nintendo of America Inc.

-1981 Was their defining year for Nintendo they developed the coin operated video game “Donkey Kong” This video game became the hottest, most sought after, video game in history.

-1985 Nintendo started to sell the first Family Computer Entertainment Systems in the US. The unit included the famous Super Mario Bros, with Mario the worlds most famous little moustached plumber.

-1987 By this year nintendo was the first to reach sales of more than one million units in the video game manufacturers.

-1996 Nintendo launched the Nintendo 64 it was the first of it’s kind with a 64 bit processor. For a home video game it was unimaginable for many. In the first day alone more than 500,000 units were sold. Later on that same year nintendo shipped some 350’000 units to North America, the entire shipment was sold out in less than three days.

-1998 Nintendo released game boy color and host of new games The legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Donkey Kong Country 3, Perfect dark etc..

-2001 the gamecube was released, which was the sixth generation of the Nintendo Entertainment system (NES).

-2006 On April 14th 2006 Nintendo released the seventh generation of the “NES” the aptly named “Nintendo Revolution”. Despite protests from video game manufacturers and the Press Nintendo changed the the name To “Wii” The name at first received much ridicule from many constituents,stating that the name seemed to convey a sense of childishness. Nintendo responded and said ” Revolution as a name is not ideal; it’s long, and in some cultures, it’s hard to pronounce. So we wanted something that was short, to the point, easy to pronounce, and distinctive. That’s how ‘Wii,’ as a console name, was created.”

Since it’s launch the “Wii console” has sold more units than it’s competitors (xbox and playstation) combined. The Financial Times released that the nintendo Wii had surpassed the Xbox in terms of sales quantities despite the fact that the xbox was released a full year earlier. Nintendo hopes to have sold more than 50 million “Wii Consoles” world wide by 2009.

Nintendos target Demographic with it’s ” Wii” is much wider than previous game machines. They have no intention of battling with Sony for the PlayStation 3 but to increase the amount of people to play games. A broaden the reach. They have hired academy award winning advertisement giants like Stephen Gaghan. They spent over 200 million in advertising alone throughout 2006. Has it worked? You bet it has….pensioners as old as 103 have been reported playing with the Wii console, a a magazine in the UK has stated the Queen Elizabeth 2 has been playing the Wii .

As the ad slogan states “Wii would like to Play”

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How To Play Video Games

XBox 360 – The Gaming Console With A Difference

The XBox 360 is a seventh generation video game console that has been designed and developed by Microsoft Corp. The device is a successor to XBox gaming console. The device competes with Nintendo’s Wii and Sony’s PlayStation 3 gaming consoles. Its Xbox Live feature allows the users to download arcade games, television shows and movies into the console. The device was officially launched on MTV in May 2005.

By the end of December 2007, about 17.7 million units of the gaming console were sold around the world. The gaming console supports .wmv, H.264, MPEG-4 video file formats. It uses USB mass storage for storing music, video and audio files. The device makes use of the Dashboard graphical user interface (GUI). The Dashboard is a tabbed interface that was designed by AKQA and features five Blades. Microsoft has released several updates for Dashboard since its launch. These updates have added new features to the console and have also enhanced its multimedia playback capabilities to a large extent.

The gaming console was officially launched with 13 games in the UK and 14 in North America. Some of the best selling XBox 360 games include “Call of Duty 2,” “Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter” and “Dead or Alive 4.” A new XBox Original feature was added as part of the December 2007 update of Dashboard. The XBox Original feature allows users to download original XBox games directly into their XBox 360.

The XBox 360 is presently available in four different versions – the Arcade, the Elite, the Core and the Premium. Microsoft has produced special editions of the device at times, usually to coincide with the release of a major product. These special editions of the gaming console are produced in limited numbers and are generally custom-coloured. The newest version of the gaming console comes loaded with a range of latest games that will keep the children enthralled for long hours.

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