Xbox 360 Collides With Ps3

Xbox 360 Collides With Ps3


The Xbox360 (pronounced as "three-sixty") is Microsoft's replacement to its original video game console. The video game was basically launched on the MTV Channel last year, May 12, 2005, to be exact. A more detailed launch, including the presentation of the Xbox's more important information, was made later in the same month at the famous Electronic Entertainment Expo.

However, formal release of the video game was made almost six months later, on November 22, in North America and in Puerto Rico. Other walks included those made in Europe last December 2 and in Japan last December 10. With almost simultaneous launches across the three major regions of the world, the Xbox360 that became the first of the video game consoles to achieve such a feat. It is also the first entrant in a new generation of game consoles that is expected to provide stiff competition to Sony's PlayStation as well as to Nintendo's Wii.

There are two different configurations of the Xbox360 in most countries, namely, the Premium Package, priced at USD $ 299, and the Core System, with a market value of USD $ 399. The latter is not available in Japan though. Neverheless, Microsoft is offering an identical package which sells at Y37,900. The price has traditionally drawn several negative critisms, particularly from Japanese customers, since they said that they are able to purchase the game's smaller package at a much lower price in other countries. However, this is usually region-coded for Japan.

During its development stage, the Xbox was more commonly referred to as the Xenon, Xbox2, XboxNext, or the Nextbox. It is now considered a seventh generation console, initially developed within Microsoft by a small team headed by Seamus Blackley, a game developer as well as a high energy physicist. Rumors of the video game's development first came out during the latter period of 1999 when Microsoft big boss Bill Gates said in an interview that a gaming / multimedia device was important for multimedia convergence in the new times of digital entertainment. Consequently, early the following year, the video game's core concept was announced in a press release.

Analysts believe that the Xbox 360 is Microsoft's way of capitalizing on the burgeoning video game market, especially with the PC market experiencing growth growth after the dot.com bust. The video game industry provided Microsoft the opportunity to diversify its product line, which, up to the 1990s, was heavily concentrated in software manufacturing.

Aside from this, the Xbox360 idea also came about because according to Heather Chaplin and Aaron Ruby, authors of the book Smartbomb, the remarkable success of Sony's PlayStation gaming consoles in 1990 sent a worrying message to Microsoft. The growing success of the video game industry, where Sony is considered a pioneer, revolutionizes the PC market, an industry long dominated by Microsoft and upon which most of the company's revenues was heavily dependent. A venture into the video game business, through the Xbox, was the next logical step for Microsoft, said Chaplin and Ruby.


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Xbox 360 Collides With Ps3

The Benefits of Playing Nintendo DS


I still remember the first Game Boy, with the gray color and yellow screen with the famous game “Tetris”.  But now the Game Boy has also evolved during the years; after the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, then Game Boy Advance, then GameBoy SP and finally Nintendo Dual Screen (DS).

At first the DS didn’t catch my attention, because of the dual screen, it was something I really didn’t like. Just two months ago I decided to buy one for my wife, so I went I bought one. I started playing some games and before I knew it I was hooked to the DS, that dual screen that I hated, I was starting to love it. One of the best thing it has, is the great amount of games they have available and they keep coming up like crazy. Go to a store and you see most of shelves with Nintendo DS games.  As you can see the Nintendo DS is very popular in the handheld and gaming industries, especially very popular among the kids.

As you can see the Nintendo DS is very popular and you could benefit from it.

How? By being a game tester, you could get paid by trying new games before they come out; all the gaming industries need to make sure that their games are top quality before they are released into the gaming community, that’s why they need you.  So you see that you can benefit from playing Nintendo DS by being a game tester.

So if you really love video games you can make this dream a reality because it’s possible. Well I’m off to test other videos games, it is time to take part on the gaming industries by being a game tester.  


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Xbox 360 Collides With Ps3

The Dangerous Truth About the Xbox 360 Towel Trick


Like many gamers before you, I assume that you are reading this article because your beloved Xbox 360 has developed the 3 red light error. As you probably know by now, your Xbox will not work again until a fix is applied. The good news is that you do have some options open to you before resorting to throwing it in the bin and buying a new one.

Of course, if your console is still under guarantee you could send it back to Microsoft and they will repair it but this can take a few weeks to complete. Another option is to fix it yourself and, as we shall see this makes a lot of sense. However, you have another option, the so called Xbox 360 Towel Trick, that is being shown around the internet. This trick involves wrapping your Xbox in a heavy duty towel and allowing it to severely overheat. The problem is that the fix is temporary at best, and at worst could actually be lethal.

The Xbox 360 red light error is the result of overheating within the console’s case. This causes damage to the solder tracks connecting the CPU and GPU, among other things. The logic behind the Xbox 360 Towel Trick is that by making the console dangerously overheat that somehow you will cause the solder to re-flow this fixing the bad connections and making the machine work again. If you are lucky you might just make it work.

However, the original problem, the reason your Xbox 360 overheats in the first place will still be there and its only a matter of time before your console will fail again. The real danger is that you can quite easily set the console, the towel, and even yourself on fire. Deliberately causing electronic components to overheat is a very dangerous process and the risks from fire as well as the fumes emitted when components melt is significant.

A far better, and more reliable method than the Xbox 360 Towel trick is to get yourself a good DIY repair guide and follow its instructions. Using only some basic tools and the information you will get from the guide you can repair a broken console within an hour. Safer, pretty much guaranteed to work and your towels can be used for what they were intended – now why take a risk.


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Xbox 360 Collides With Ps3

Trying the Free Online Game of Medievia


If you have not heard of it there is a game called Medievia which is an online game for people to play. The game is what people call a MUD which is short for Multi-User Dungeon or in a short a large online multi player RPG. Generally speaking these games are text based and Medievia fits this perfectly. A simple way to put is probably a pure text based version of a game such as World of Warcaft or the online version of dungeons and dragons. The game dates back several years all the way back to 1991 and people have played it ever since then.

The game is very simple being in the same vein as dungeons and dragons or a similar game you simply choose a class at the start of the game. Your choices are Thief, Warrior, mage and Cleric. It plays like your standard RPG game except everything is done completely by text. It’s rather difficult to expand on the true depth of the game but I’ll try to give a basic idea. At the start you do your usual things in most RPG games. You explore dungeons, kill monsters, level up and collect gold. However once you begin to level up the number of things which you can do increases rather dramatically.

So far the only class I have played in depth is the Cleric which I’ve managed to level all the way up to upper twenties, your max level is thirty two. Some of the reasons why the game can get so in depth and complex is because once you reach level thirty two things aren’t actually over, just like any good multiplayer RPG. Once you reach this level you have the option to become level one, keep all your old skills or magic, and begin all over again as a new class which essentially allows you to multiclass. On top of this there are a new endless number of dungeons, zones, towns and cities to explore all which have NPC characters who are a part of the story of the area.

They can give you quests which can reward you with experience gold or other things. There are dozens of clans you can join to network and play with other players or you can even do things such as buy items and take them in a caravan to sell at other towns. You can ride horses, dragons, buy a home, get married to start your own blood line and have children, these children then become playable characters which you can give to other people and you can do other things such as buy your own ship or start your own business. So it’s hard to truly put in perspective everything which you can do in this game. I’ll be honest that I haven’t personally gone as deep into this game as you can or as other people have. However I have been playing the game on and off for several years now.

I’ve been in lots of dungeons and zones, gone on trade routes, joined clans and overall just had a lot of fun. The nice thing about this game is that it’s very much no pressure if you choose to do it that way. Like I said I’ve been playing the game on and off for years now and I’ve never had to worry about my account being deleted no matter how long I left it idle. The game is very intuitive with most commands being what you would expect, typing S makes you move south, N makes you move North, rest makes you sit down and rest, etc. As you can guess since it is a game it is somewhat limited on what you can do but the game creators have expanded it so much that there are very few limits on everything. As an RPG it plays extremely well giving you all of the usual stats which such a game needs.

You have health (HP) mana for magic, stamina for movement, vitality which you need to sleep to restore and you need to eat when you’re hungry and drink when you’re thirsty. The game has a huge player base many of which are very active and the more active clans are usually looking to have new members join and they are more than willing to help you out. MUDs in general are good games and this one is a very good example of a well done MUD. Being so large and in depth the fact that they keep it completely free for anyone with an internet connection to play is nice.

You can play it in a browser but the free application which you can download and install to play it works much better. For people who have extra money they do have the option to donate money which results in special items which can help give you an edge in the game. The game also has simple maps to help give you a small visual idea of what you’re playing which almost makes it feel like a nice text based game/story. The thing which I like most is how you can be a regular player or a more casual player like I am.

This is nice for me because when I’m in the mood I’ll play the game and when the mood passes I’ll let it be. I know that my account will always be there for me when I come back and there’s no requirements for how often I need to be around. If you really like RPG games, something which you can play with your friends, and you are looking for something which is completely free then I would try out this game. The fact that you can play it on something as simple as a dial-up connection is nice as well. So if you have the interest and time I would suggest checking out the online game of Medievia.


Source by Curtis C Haas

Xbox 360 Collides With Ps3

How To Play Solo Darts Review


The particular training factor is always to increase accuracy and reliability from the player's ability and simultanously help to make practicing a pleasurable experience.

Close to the Clock

Within Round This Clock, you start through hurling any dart targeted for this No. 1 portion of that board. In case you hit that segment will efficiently, toss your next dart in the No. 2 percentage. The particular regulations point out for you to can not move ahead to any kind of succeeding variety until eventually the existing number continues to be successfully acquired. Once you accomplish No. 30, you need to after that strike the particular external ring and the internal ring in the bull's-eye to complete the activity. To set an affordable challenge, you can probably seek to finish the game within a lot fewer darts each and every time.

01 Darts Online game

The particular classic 301 or maybe 501 along game will start while using participant scoreing because higher as it can be until now she actually reaches a point where she can certainly finish off the game by simply striking any double proportion or maybe the actual outer bull's-eye band.

This can be identical towards levels of competition game that will two competitors battle out somewhere between themselves, nonetheless it can easily be enjoyed by way of solo online players. You endeavor to decrease your credit score in order to zero, tossing several darts upon every move. If the score should go less than one particular or maybe actually zero, you might have "bust" and also have got to replay your own three darts to complete the online game. Your own score is actually made a comeback towards similar score you'd just before your very last turn.

Diddle pertaining to Midsection

This can be inverted variation on the '01 online game, where by any participantant aims in order to score precisely 501 or maybe 301 — predetermined because of the participant prior to starting — through the zero location. By using each and every throw of several darts this score is actually increased until often you strike specifically 501 orhaps 301.

You need to pause the game simply by hitting any kind of "double" segment on the board as well as finish off the game by way of hitting the proper "double" proportion according to the total amount you could have remaining.

In case you hit a better score on your own final change, you might have "bust." The particular turn is actually wiped out there before you need to replay the particular turn.


Ace is actually another excellent practice game through which any randomly amount will be determined for every round. You need to score the exact amount in order to "win" the experience. Virtually any segment from the board could be hit, abruptheless the scoring amounts reported by any type of segment. Sole segments count as you point, doubles tend to be really worth two as well as treble segments really worth 3 points. The particular external bull ring is actually 4 points and also the bull's-eye is definitely 6.


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