Hypnotherapy and Easy Self-Hypnosis Techniques

Hypnotherapy and Easy Self-Hypnosis Techniques


It is no secrets that hypnotherapy has been used as an effective technique to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression since decades. A lot of psychologists use hypnotherapy as an important part of their therapy to treat emotional and mental challenges. However, you need not have to fix an appointment to reap the benefits of hypnotherapy as self-hypnosis is not only effective but also extremely easy and anyone with little practice and instruction will be able to include this as a part of their daily lives.

First off, hypnosis is so much more than the dramatized let’s-swing-a-pendulum-and-get-into-the-criminal’s-mind approach that is portrayed on TV. Even though the concept is still misunderstood, the present notion is being weakened as more and more people adopt hypnotherapy to deal with stress and anxiety. And since the technique has proven to benefit thousands of people, it is fast becoming popular.

How does hypnotherapy work with stress anyway?

Mainly the feeling of stress is connected entirely with the brain. Palpitation, sweaty palms, and tightening of the chest are an indication that the brain is going into overdrive. Hypnotherapy for stress works at the very core of the problems; by calming the brain and bringing it into a tranquil relaxed state.

One of the easiest de-stressing techniques is to take deep breaths. Deep breathing calms the mind and you immediately feel the tightening of the chest going away and your heart rate slowing down.

Additionally, regular practice of hypnotherapy also helps to create various lifestyle changes. Working as a preventive and curative measure for stress and anxiety, hypnotherapy put the reign of control in your hands and you can easily control your emotions and your brain’s reaction to a stressful situation.

In fact the therapeutic benefit of hypnotherapy, by working directly with the mind, also helps to reduce chronic pain significantly. Since pain is a sensory input where the signal of pain is sent to the brain and the output comes from the limbic system, which is the site for emotional synthesis, hypnotherapy can reduce pain by working on the brain. From burn victims to women in labor, hypnotherapy can drastically reduce pain and increase a feeling of comfort in adverse situations.

This inexpensive method is also an excellent cure for insomnia and other sleep related problems.

Easy Self-Hypnosis Techniques

The basis of every self-hypnosis technique is to get your mind to rest so that you can then hypnotize it to create awareness or a lifestyle change. The purpose here is to get your subconscious mind in focus as we consciously use only 10% of our brain and the rest is subconscious mind, which is why whether you want to repeat a positive affirmation or attract wellness, your subconscious mind plays the most important role.

Your environment matters a lot; always choose a calm and serene place where you will not be disturbed or distracted. Plug in your headphones and play a soothing music or natural sounds- like that of rainwater, the calm of the night, swinging of pendulum- on a very low decibel. No matter whatever sound or music you choose to listen to, make sure it is tuned on a very low level.

Switch off all means of communication and try to just be by yourself. After you are comfortable and in your zone, you can start with the self-hypnosis technique.

Start with lying down or sitting in a relaxed state. Just let your mind relax by breathing deeply and focusing on each breath. Additionally, you can also chant affirmations to yourself such as ‘With each breath I become more and more relaxed’ ‘I can feel my body relaxing and my muscles are becoming laden with the feeling of relaxation’. Repeating these affirmations will send a signal to your brain and will force your subconscious mind to believe the affirmations to be true.

Now imagine a beautiful valley with bustling flowers and flying birds, imagine how beautiful it is and how calm you feel at the moment. Tell yourself ‘I can feel all my problems disappearing’ ‘I feel free’. Keep that picture in your mind and focus on your breathing.

During this time a lot of thoughts will invade your mind, tell yourself ‘My thoughts are like leaves falling on water, I am a mere observer of my thoughts’. Don’t let these random thoughts get you out of that zone, if you start to feel charged by any thought start focusing on your breath again and breathe deeply. You can also chant the original affirmation that you began with ‘I feel relaxed’ ‘With each breath I can feel waves of relaxation burst from the tip of my head to the toe’ ‘I’m at the most relaxed state’.

Slowly come out of your hypnosis and keep a steady pace of breath.

Some people listen to self-hypnosis audios that are available on the web. These are the same with someone else instructing your body to relax. These audios are best suited for beginner or those who find it difficult o meditate or stay seated at one position.

Self-hypnosis has immense benefits and can help in dealing with a lot of physiological and psychological problems. Adopting this as a habit will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Source by Mulyadi Kurnia

Hypnotherapy and Easy Self-Hypnosis Techniques

My Xbox 360 Keeps Overheating! Keep it Cool Using These Simple Steps!


It is so annoying when the Xbox 360 keeps overheating, especially when you are right in the middle of a game on Xbox live! If this happens often then you may start to wonder whether or not it’s time to buy a new console!

Don’t spend your hard earned cash yet! There are quite a few things that you can do to keep your Xbox 360 cool so that you can enjoy uninterrupted game play.

Here are a few simple steps you can try:

1) Relocate your Xbox 360!

It could be that the location of your console that is causing it to overheat. You must make sure that the Xbox 360 has plenty of room to ‘breath’! Keep it in a well ventilated place.

For example, if you have it jammed in a tight book shelf or stereo cabinet, then this will make it difficult for the fans to receive adequate air flow! If possible, place it on its own table or a shelf with ample room.

2) Keep it away from heat!

The last thing you want to do is have your Xbox 360 near any heating devices, this not only includes radiators, but also electrical devices that give off heat such as DVD and Blu-Ray players, Satellite boxes and even other gaming consoles!

3) Keep it Cool with a fan!

If you have a battery powered fan in your home then you could use this to blow cool air over your console and this will keep it from overheating. This is especially helpful in the summer when your room temperature is higher!

Another option when it comes to fans is to buy an Xbox 360 cooling station. These have been specifically designed to keep your console cool while playing games for extended periods of time and they usually cost less than 50 bucks!

4) Limit your gaming time!

This may be a tough one especially if you are a 24/7 gamer who never sleeps! However, you might find it less frustrating if you limit your gaming to a couple of hours with regular breaks in between.

This will give your console a chance to catch its ‘breath’ and hopefully allow you to keep playing without it overheating.

If after applying these suggestions your Xbox is still overheating, then maybe it’s time to get it repaired! Rather than send your console off to Microsoft and wait up to 6 weeks to get it back, many Xbox 360 gamers have decided to invest in a professional Xbox 360 repair guide.

These guides will help you fix the root cause of the overheating problem as well as many other Xbox 360 errors and the best part is that they only cost $30!


Source by Steven B. Chappell

Hypnotherapy and Easy Self-Hypnosis Techniques

Nintendo Releasing Highly Anticipated Titles for the Nintendo Wii Game Console


The Nintendo Wii will soon be releasing a few highly anticipated titles, adding them to an already great lineup of video games. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Metriod Prime 3 were recently released, receiving many compliments from critics and fans alike. Two other titles, Super Smash Brothers: Brawl and Super Mario Galaxy, have been highly awaited since the release of the Wii itself. Both titles are nearing their release date and are predicted to produce very high sales.

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is the next installment in the wildly popular Zelda franchise. It follows the adventures of Link, along with a strange creature named Midna, as they try and protect Hyrule from the encroaching of the Twilight Realm. The game utilizes a stylized form of art more like Ocarina of Time, but still retains a bit of the cel-shaded look of Wind Waker. Twilight Princess features Link transforming into a wolf at times in the Twilight Realm, and combines these new elements of gameplay along with the new controller scheme of the Wii to provide in-depth interaction with the game, furthering the role-playing aspect of the game .

Metriod Prime 3 follows Samus yet again as she battles Space Pirates. However this time, she is being corrupted over time through her contact with Phazon, a powerful material she uses to increase her strength. Although the gameplay is fairly similar to Metroid Prime 2, the new controller scheme offered by the Wii in addition to some new gameplay elements catapult this title to the top of an already powerful franchise.

Many fans of Nintendo are now looking forward to the February release of Super Smash Brothers: Brawl. Set to include many well-known characters of the Nintendo universe as well as a few surprise outsiders, such as Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid. Also it adds support for online multiplayer over Nintendo Wi-Fi as well as a more in-depth single player campaign. Hardcore gamers and casual gamers alike can get into the party-style fun of Super Smash Brothers.

Also building on a well-established franchise, Super Mario Galaxy is set to go gold in the beginning of November. Continuing in Nintendo's tradition, Galaxy promises to be a solid installment in the Mario series of games. Adding a new multiplayer co-op and various new gameplay elements like a bee suit for Mario, Galaxy will take the franchise to the next level.


Source by Tim Toton

Hypnotherapy and Easy Self-Hypnosis Techniques

What Causes The Xbox 360 Open Tray Error? Why Does It Affect Your Xbox 360


Learning how to fix the Xbox 360 open tray error can prove to be a very valuable skill because it is a very common problem among Xbox owners. Since its release in 2006 the Xbox 360 has been sort of a problem magnet. When I mean by this is that there are numerous reports from disgruntled Xbox 360 owners who are dealing with one issue of another. For example the flashing red lights, or the e74 error; just to name a few.

Since it is possible for the Xbox to develop a problem without warning it would be a good idea to learn how to fix all possible errors. Think about it, you could send it to a repair center to fix one problem, but what if it does not stop there? Are you prepared to pay more money for a different problem that could occur at any time? This is the reason why it makes a lot of sense to invest in an Xbox 360 repair guide; because it contains all possible solutions to all possible problems that the Xbox 360 may develop.

If you are having problems with your game system and need to find out how to fix the Xbox 360 open tray error; then just by finding this article you are already half way there. The reason that you get the open tray error comes down to the fact that your game disc is not being properly read by the optical laser, or is not being read at all by the laser. Now that we have narrowed the problem down a bit, the next step is to remove the Xbox case and expose the DVD drive.

Most Likely Causes Of The Open Tray Error:

Cause #1 – While you have removed the Xbox 360 cover and exposed the DVD drive carefully take a look at the laser module. If it appears to be dusty, then blow the dust away using a small fan. If you choose to use a can of pressurized air, make sure you do not have it on full blast, or you could damage something. You could also use a clean cloth to wipe the laser. But make sure you do not touch it with your bare hands.

Cause #2 – If the problem is not a dusty laser, then confirm that the laser module is at the correct starting position. By this i mean that you must make sure that it is in a position that is right under your game disc instead of it being in a position that is outside the disc area where there is no data to read. When you have read the guide on how to fix the Xbox 360 open tray error this will no longer be a problem for you.

Cause #3 – Another characteristic of the open tray error is that when you try to close the tray it spits it back out and gives you the error on your screen. Another possible cause is that the sensors at the back of the DVD drive could have overheated. Excess heat is bad for machines and it is the cause of a good number of malfunctions in many devices. In this case the tray might be getting ejected as a way to stop you from continuing to play while building up much more heat which could lead to more serious problems for your Xbox 360.

The Perfect Solution To The Open Tray Error

From my personal experience i believe that the most sure-fire way, and the most guaranteed method which gives you in-depth explanations on how to fix the Xbox 360 Open Tray Error is James Deans Xbox fix. Even though I found some other guides out there that made the same promise, I discovered that they did not in truth deliver on their promises. A lot of them did not give clear explanations and were not very easy to understand. Some just assumed that I knew what their technical speak meant, and did not go into much detail on some critical steps, so I got stuck and had to look for a better solution.


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Hypnotherapy and Easy Self-Hypnosis Techniques

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game Review


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a good game enfolded inside of an awful one. It is a compound, woven tale of Geralt of Rivia, the titular Witcher – hunter of monsters – searching for the girl he considers his adopted daughter, Ciri, as she is chased by the Wild Hunt – a team of magical warriors – for reasons unknown .

The Glitcher is a poorly made RPG, full of sexist clichés, inexact fighting mechanics, occasional bugs, and infuriating design that often have you groaning or rolling your eyes.

The great world of this Witcher release is an ugly fantastical world, skillfully shaped to exploit emersion action and experience.

Geralt the Witcher is pursuing the trace of his ward / daughter Ciri, making the most of his ability as a tracker to trail the faint leads and traces left by Ciri as she escapes the ghostly and terrible Wild Hunt.

The haunted riders are hunting Ciri for unknown reasons, causing the local inhabitants even more misery as they are already dealing with yet another attack from the Empire of Nilfgaard, the situation is miserable, the landscape is bleak but the game is a joy.

This is an action RPG with many traditional elements exposed back and swapped with unique functions. You cannot create a party of characters, and you have only narrow control over Geralts look, more real-world based as you visit barbers and clothing stores.

Whereas the basics of combat are comparatively straight forward; light attack, heavy attack and dodge, difficulty is ramped up as time goes on. Geralt will shape a bestiary of enemies, learning the weaknesses of a wide variety of creatures.

Mounting, through alchemy, oils and potions Gerailt can boost his chances in battle by careful preplanning. This engages players even further in the world, Geralt will sometime employee Batman style research of a quest scene, investigate the area to help conclude what he might be up against shortly. There is no use whacking some Spectral oil on your silver sword if rounding the next corner has Geralt confronting a werewolf.

Signs round out Geralt's collection of battle. These magic attacks are unlocked from the beginning and you will use all of them at times, courtesy some as you go through the game improving them where you can.

And there is so much to do, each question mark discovered on the map is a drawcard for it may hold anything as mundane as a bandit camp or monster nest, or more often than not, a complete and fleshed out sub quest with conclusions and consequences .

Even traveling the landscape through foot or horseback has its rewards. The wind sadly blows through the heavily forested areas, or across the fens. Towns are occupied by dour folk going about their business both menial and grand.

Geralt is not saving the world, but quest by quest he is making a difference to the land. Meeting old partners and enemies, discovering new story elements or playing a good game of Gwent are all extremely satisfying.


Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt gets the highest of recommendations, there is hundreds of hours of game play here with little filler to be had. There is zero grinding, a pleasingly complex leveling system, crafting, alchemy and much more.

Contrasting Skyrim, this is a world that you want to be part of, read every burnt note or leather bound book. You want to explore every single question-mark on the map, walk down every byway and possibly even dive below the surface of every sea or stream. But at some stage you need to re-join the real world.


Source by Shubh Bagchi

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