The Difference Between Dolls and Action Figures

The Difference Between Dolls and Action Figures


When you hear the word “doll,” the first thing that comes to mind is “Barbie”. The major difference between dolls and action figures is that the former is oriented towards girls, while the latter is oriented towards boys. Dolls usually include matching outfits while action figures generally include clothing and accessories that you might not see every day.

Look at Barbie. Since her inception in 1959, Barbie has been the quintessential girls’ toy, what with her interchangeable clothes, pink cars, and Malibu Beach House variations. Though the collection later included Ken, of course, Ken was by no means an action figure. His clothes, like those of Barbie, were typical day-to-day outfits, albeit ones that was masculine.

By comparison, your typical “action figure” is muscular, especially to an exaggerated degree, and might include weapons as accessories. Two classic examples that come to mind are Thundercats and G.I. Joe. Thundercats characters, while somewhat human-looking, were normally yellow or gray-tinted, with overdeveloped muscles; their outfits consisted of tank tops or tights. Most Thundercats figures, whether male or female, included a weapon; Lion-O, for example, was packaged with The Sword of Omens, a longsword with a fiery-red handle.

G.I. Joes, while not as muscular as the Thundercats, still looked physically fit and generally included accessories such as machine guns, knives, and grenades. Can you really argue that these weren’t designed for boys? That isn’t to say that girls never played with them, but that’s not what the marketing companies had in mind.

Other popular dolls include American Girl and Ashton-Drake, both of which are also oriented towards young girls. On occasion, some adults may collect dolls of this type, because of their realistic appearance and value, if kept in good condition.

Another classic action figure collection that may come to mind is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, whose very name suggests action, and perhaps violence. Like G.I. Joe and Thundercats, the Turtles, armor, and play sets with vehicles such as tanks and artillery-studded cars. Again, while some girls may have found the Ninja Turtles appealing, they were primarily popular with boys. The villains, too, were distorted and mutated, such as Shredder and his henchmen, Bebop and Rocksteady. Perhaps these figures were meant to appeal to the same boys that liked aggressive competitive sports and war games.

Today’s action figures vary somewhat, but again, their appearance as a whole is about the same. Perhaps, even as times change, people’s mindsets tend to stay the same. The toys produced for boys and girls, for the most part, reflect this.


Source by Victor Epand

The Difference Between Dolls and Action Figures

Aion Chanter Leveling Guide – Fastest Way to Level Your Chanter


Using an Aion Chanter leveling guide wasn’t exactly my idea of playing Aion, but since I don’t like struggling with my XP, this was quite a good solution for a fast XP. I’ve been playing quite some MMOs so far and I know that the good stuff (and I’m talking here about the PvP and raids) usually happens after you’ve reached the level cap of your character. As I’ve always choose a support class, a Chanter seemed to be an excellent choice for toon in this game.

As you’ve probably learned so far about this game, killing mobs is not too easy in Aion Online, therefore the XP doesn’t fly like in other online games. That’s one of the main reasons I started helping myself with this Aion Chanter leveling guide. After only a few game sessions, my progress improved considerably, therefore, I’m going to share here a few leveling tips that I have learned. It really seemed to be the fastest way to level up a Chanter.

1. Firstly, quests are very important to level up in this game, just as in other MMOs. The Aion Chanter leveling guide provided me with a nicely made questing path, so I was able to complete more than 3-4 quests at the time. Knowing all the details for each objective, I was flying (and literally flying) through the quests.

2. To be effective in any situation playing a Chanter it’s important to use all your buffs at their maximum potential. Also, keeping your regens up all the time will keep you engaged in combat, with little pause or no pause at all between fights.

3. Although a Chanter can use a shield, when doing quests or grinding on mobs damage is far more important than defense, so improve your staff skills.

4. While leveling it’s important to keep all your stats at a superior level. So, even if you have your own buffs, use all the potions, elixirs and foods that you can to increase the efficiency of your character. The Aion Chanter leveling guide however, taught me everything I needed to know about stigmas, elixirs, potions, gear and specs to use to be always on top of things.

5. Last but not least this Aion Chanter leveling guide helped me to become a master of flight. Knowing how to use your wings in every situation will improve your progress a lot.


Source by Phillip O’Riley

The Difference Between Dolls and Action Figures

Internet Addiction Will Continue To Grow To A More Overuse Of The Internet Next Few Years


In 2000 when I started reading books and looking at research on internet addiction I saw this as a growing problem but at the same time I could not imagine how much of a problem it would be when I am writing this in 2008. Now it is estimated that around 10% of people using the internet are having some problem in their life related to the overuse o the internet. Even though it so new we are not seeing the statistic I would think internet addiction are one of the main reason of kids dropping out of schools today.

It is now not just the drugs that are our main concern on the issue of kids dropping out of schools, now we also need to worry about eg those kids playing MMORPG (Massive multiplayer online role playing games). We could hope those problems will not getting worse. But if we look at what is happening in the game industry and the internet in general we are seeing more game developers are turning their games into multiplayer games. Multiplayer games are played 24/7 the game cannot be paused and you cannot finish the game.

Game developers are not different from newspaper and paid TV, that relay on monthly subscription, they do not want you to drop out of the game and stop paying for it and the probably have more people spending time on avoiding this dropout than the schools have avoiding dropout in schools. Other game consoles like Xbox and Wii are also hooking up to the internet which will get the problem bigger and we can continue on and on about more and younger kids are chatting and spending more time chatting that affects their schooling.

So what we are seeing possible just a beginning of a ongoing rising problem with younger kids getting addicted to the internet. We need to spend more effort in educating teachers and parents about the problem and what can be done to avoid it. We need to focus as soon as a child starts to use a computer and playing with video games to limit their time using the computers.


Source by Bjorn Hardarson

The Difference Between Dolls and Action Figures

Sanyo HD2000 Two in One Camcorder


Sanyo has done good job in promoting usage of handheld camcorders over the past many years. They are continuously updating the range. Have a look at Sanyo’s pistol grip design HD2000 that can record video in full 1080p HD resolution at 60 frames per second (fps) and is a proper dual-mode 8-megapixel camera. The HD2000 has no internal storage of its own and records straight to SD though can support SDHC cards up to 32GB.

Design is portable and comfortable to hold when shooting video footage (not pistol grip cannot be used while taking stills).The base has a tripod fitting to help overcome this and there is also an anti-shake option that can be turned on to minimize the effect of an unsteady hand.

The HD2000 comes with large number of useful accessories like a docking station, charger, soft carry pouch, hand-strap and lens cover, as well as an S-Video cable, USB cable and Component cable for connecting the camera to a PC, TV or printer. There is also a remote control which can be used for recording and playback.

Main claim of HD2000 to fame is recording video. Colors are good and the picture quality is pin sharp, even outdoors, where a lot of other cameras start suffering from faded colors. The HD2000 only records video into MPEG4 format, which is very good for compression, but limits the option of later conversion to other formats without losing a lot of the picture quality.

The Sanyo’s HD2000 is one of the best tool for those who just want a single device to capture basic, but high quality, pictures and video.


Source by Shariq Mahmood

Gun War Survival-Battle Winter

Gun War Survival-Battle Winter

Modern fps shooting game with frontline winter mountain shooting experience in snow. Become a US Army elite shooter in the frontline, world war II where survival of the fittest in battleground win, in this shooting game of 2018 for boy

– Immersive real fps games environment
– Advanced royal snipers with multiple arenas
– Addictive shooting games missions
– Extreme quality battle games 3D graphics & real sound effects

Challenging real survival-games forest grounds and tough shooting levels waiting for you.

By Pham Thanh

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