So What is All This Fuss About Hypnosis, and Why is it Used?

So What is All This Fuss About Hypnosis, and Why is it Used?

Firstly hypnosis is a totally natural state achieved by us all many times in our lives and in fact many times every day, it is simply that most people are unaware of this. We all know that when we are awake we are alert, able to make decisions and choices, fantasize, give directions, learn, store and share information, answer questions and so on. This is one state of mind which we know to be consciousness. Likewise, we all sleep and during this time our bodies repair and rejuvenate themselves. We dream which helps us to express emotions and desires that we would maybe feel unable to do in our everyday waking lives. We are unaware if someone walks into the room, we no longer hear the clock ticking or smell the aroma of hot coffee if left by our beside. This state we call the unconscious.

The state of hypnosis is the state of mind that lies between the conscious and the unconscious, it is an in between state of not being awake and not being asleep, and can be likened to day dreaming. How many of us, children and adults alike, have been engaged in some boring repetitive endeavor that allows our minds to wander into day dreaming. It takes no effort whatsoever, just allowing the mind the freedom to imagine while the body carries on with the mundane tasks. Such a task could be driving a car for instance from points A to B and when arriving safely at our destination, we have thought to ourselves, I do not recall passing through this town or that village that were along the way. Yet you know at the back of your mind that you must have done because you have arrived safe and sound. This is one very common example of mild hypnosis.

Sleepwalking is another good example of the natural phenomenon of hypnosis. In this state, which I am sure many of us have either experienced personally (especially as children) or at least been witness to – for example a child who gets out of bed in the middle of the night to go to the kitchen, turns on the tap, drinks a glass of water and on his way back is asked by his mother if everything is alright. Clearly the child does not respond but carries on going back to bed. The next morning when his mother questions him about his little excursion he simply cannot remember. This is because he was at that point between the unconscious and conscious states, where the body and the mind are totally relaxed – he was in the state of deep hypnosis.

“Can someone hypnotize me without me knowing and make me do silly or embarrassing things?” Is a question that is always foremost in peoples’ minds and one I am glad to say an emphatic NO to. All of us are responsible for when we go to sleep and when we awaken. As we become tired, so we decide it is time to go to bed lie down and wait for the onset of sleep as we drift off. It does not happen by someone commanding that we go to sleep NOW, or by a click of someone else’s fingers! Likewise when rousing from sleep, we ourselves decide that we will set the alarm for 7.00 am or chance to waken naturally. So it is that no one just by the click of a hypnotists’ fingers be put into an hypnotic trance or made to do embarrassing or humiliating things without their prior knowledge. It just does not work like that. You see in order for anybody to go into the state of hypnosis artificially (by that I mean guided on purpose into that state) they first have to have complete trust in the hypnotist, and ultimately and without exception they have to want to achieve that state themselves. No one can be made to do anything against their will.

They have to be a willing participant. But, you may argue “What about that hypnotist on the television who just has to say sleep and the guy is out cold, and then the next thing the hypnotist tells him to stand on a chair with his thumb in his mouth and to cry like a baby, and the chap does it straight away!” This is true, what you see is as a result of the directions given by the hypnotist. But what the hypnotist fails to explain to the unsuspecting audience is that his volunteers have been carefully selected after various tests to find the most extroverted, highly suggestible and easily hypnotized subjects. These types of people would normally behave in an outrageously funny manner, and most of all want this to happen. They do not do anything that they would not normally do. If an improper or immoral suggestion were made whilst in the hypnotic trance state and the person would normally choose to ignore this, then they would maintain that reluctance. By example – if someone thought it was morally wrong to rob a bank, they COULD NOT be made to do so in the state of hypnosis either. Likewise if they were holding something that they regarded as a secret, hypnosis would fail to make them reveal it if they did not wish to do so. We are the ones who control our state of hypnosis as we can come out of trance at any time we wish, and so all hypnosis is really SELF HYPNOSIS. It is simply that we want to achieve that state and so we choose to make it so.

When we are in the hypnotic state the mind becomes much more malleable making suggestions magnified. This is because the conscious mind becomes quiet, as the ego (this is the part of our mind that logically chooses or rejects suggestions) is temporarily made redundant. It is because of this switching off of the ego; so to speak that makes application of therapy in the form of positive healing suggestions so effective. This is the proper and ethical use of hypnosis which is beneficial to each and every one of us. It is a very healthy form of therapy that allows for treatment of the mind.

It is the mind that is responsible for such conditions as phobias, which are nothing more than irrational fears that have become blown out of proportion. Compulsions are irresistible urges that cause a person to maybe gamble or over eat even when they know this to be bad for them as well as their pockets financially. Anxieties too, such as stress, worry and tension are also mild disorders of the mind that all come under the heading of ‘psychosomatic illnesses.’ Sometimes drugs are prescribed to deal with the above conditions, but unlike drugs which treat the symptoms only and can be addictive in themselves, hypnosis is not habit forming or addictive but encourages the person to take an active part in getting better by discovering why they may be feeling, for example; the need to smoke or drink too much. Also exploring how stopping such bad habits will affect their life in a positive manner both physically and mentally. Hypnosis has no side effects either and teaches the recipient deep relaxation techniques which can be used whenever and wherever they chose for the rest of their life, once learned, which is ultimately good for them.

Hypnosis can also be used as an investigative therapy because it can give access to the original cause of a problem. There are many people who suffer with such phobias as being scared of spiders, or suffer from claustrophobia (a fear of confined spaces.) How do these phobias arise? We ask ourselves. Well we already know about the conscious state of mind, where we are alert, aware, making decisions etc., but which can be quietened and temporarily turned off either by sleep or by the state of hypnosis. The sub-conscious mind however never ever sleeps or switches off, neither can it be controlled. Also it does not recognize reason and logic only emotions. It is rather like an extremely vast library, a collector of all information, from all of our five senses and our emotions, which become stored as our memories, but in their entirety. These memories become recorded as emotions which allow us to experience physical sensations such as happiness, pain, anger, sorrow, love, hate, jealousy, elation, etc., etc.

Everything that has ever happened to us and that we have ever experienced is locked away in the depths of our sub-conscious mind. We may not be able to recall every single memory, but the information is still there all the same, having been soaked up like a sponge absorbs water. So a phobia is as a result of an unpleasant memory that causes our bodies and our minds to become flooded with the sensations of fear when a similar situation arises to trigger the original memory. This too is an unpleasant memory as the senses experience the new fear, and this too is then added to the memory bank. It then becomes a vicious circle and starts to build up in intensity rather like ‘the moss that gathers on a stone.’ As we go through our lives new memories are being created and then store, if you like on top of each other, so that past memories are buried beneath the newer more recent ones. Hypnosis on many occasions can help to retrieve such forgotten buried memories so that they can be dealt with.

Hypnosis is not only used to deal with correcting negative states of mind and behavior but can also be used to boost and enhance ones confidence and self esteem. It can help to sharpen focus and concentration and in fact many sports persons use hypnotic techniques for exactly that purpose, where ultimate concentration dictates their performance. It can aid memory retention and creative ability, and has for many many years been used as a means of pain relief and control, becoming vastly popular as an alternative to drugs within dental practices. There are extensive positive and negative issues that hypnosis can help with – but as with every form of treatment it has its limitations!

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Source by Cheryl Mary Coleman

So What is All This Fuss About Hypnosis, and Why is it Used?

Xbox 360 Black Screen – Fix Xbox 360 Black Screen of Death

Got the Xbox 360 black screen error and you want this problem to be fixed? You’ve basically got 2 ways to get a problem like this fixed. You either call Microsoft, and ask nicely if they are willing to fix your console, or you will actually fix the troubleshooter by yourself with a repair guide.

Xbox 360 Black Screen Fix By Microsoft?

What you can do is that you give Microsoft a phone call, and ask nicely if they can fix your console. They mostly approve, and will ask you to send your console over to them. But, did you know that you’ll have to pay lots of money to let them fix your Xbox 360 black screen of death error? In fact, if your warranty has been expired, you will have to pay Microsoft $150. This includes the shipping and handling costs.

Also, there are long waiting times… You will have to wait for at least 3 weeks, and this could go up quite easily to 8 weeks.

Xbox 360 Black Screen Fix By Myself With A The Use Of A Repair Guide?

Actually, this is your best option if my opinion counts. You see, when you do this, it’s not only cheap, but it’s also very fast. When you do this it’s highly recommended to use a repair guide. This is because you need some knowledge, and the repair guide will give you step by step instructions that’s coming along with great detailed photo’s and videos.

This way, the Xbox 360 black screen fix will be very quickly and easily to perform. You’ll be able to play your game again within a couple of hours or even within 1 hour.

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Source by Stephan Vrugteman

So What is All This Fuss About Hypnosis, and Why is it Used?

Video Game Console Review – The Nintendo Wii

When the Nintendo Wii video game console hit the market in late 2006, it revolutionized gaming. It didn’t try to compete head to head with the other top video game consoles. Instead, the Wii focused on ease of use and the fun side of gaming. Apparently a lot of people like this new type of gaming since it has outsold both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

So what’s the appeal?

Well, first off it’s priced affordably as compared to the other two top gaming consoles. New games are also priced reasonably.

Secondly and maybe more importantly, it doesn’t intimidate the casual gamer. It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced gamer or someone who has never played a video game. Within a very short period of time anyone can be playing and having a great time with this system.

The Nintendo Wii uses a motion-sensing controller to play Wii games. And since these motions imitate motion in real life, it is easy to get involved. Whether it’s swinging a tennis racket in “Wii Sports”, steering trucks in “Excite Trucks” or slashing with a sword in “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess”, there is something to appeal to almost anyone.

With the Wii, you can play the full line-up of your favorite Nintendo games from the past. It is backward compatible with GameCube and also features Nintendo’s Virtual Console. With Virtual Console you can download games from older generation systems at a reasonable price.

Perhaps the only negative to the Nintendo Wii has to be its lack of high-definition graphics and the surround-sound richness found in other major systems.

The Nintendo Wii video game console [http://www.videogameconsoles.ca] is here to stay, judging by its ever-increasing popularity. Who could have predicted that a system so radically different would have made such an impact?

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Source by Zak Mann

So What is All This Fuss About Hypnosis, and Why is it Used?

Is Copying Xbox Games Illegal?

Some people are a little hesitant when it comes to copying Xbox games, because they are afraid that they may be doing something illegal. However, copying video games is only illegal if you are planning on distributing the copies to others, but if you are just copying Xbox games that you personally own in order to preserve them, it is a completely legitimate and legal act. The producers of video games allow their customers to create as many backup copies of their games as they want, as long as they are only backing them up for personal use and not planning on distributing them. However, it can be somewhat difficult to break the sophisticated encryption that is in place to stop the illegal distribution of these games.

Because of this extremely complicated encryption layer that most of the best video games come with, you won’t be able to use your basic DVD burning/ripping software to do the job. And, even if you are able to use this software when copying Xbox games, they will most likely be unplayable on any Xbox system. When you try and play this incorrectly copied backup game you will probably encounter a black screen, this is because the Xbox console will think you are trying to play an illegally pirated game. The problem is that basic DVD burning software will not have the ability to copy the Xbox game’s digital recognition license onto your backup disc, and without this license, the Xbox will not be able to play the game.

However, there is hope, there are several programs on the market today that are made specifically for copying Xbox games. These programs are completely legal, and will create a pristine working copy of any video game you choose. These programs are equipped with the ability to break through the layer of encryption that is included on most games, allowing you to make a duplicate copy of any Xbox game you choose. This software will even allow you to copy games from several of the other popular gaming platforms.

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Source by Katy Anderson

So What is All This Fuss About Hypnosis, and Why is it Used?

Modern Gamebooks Rock: RED DOG

Well, it started with The Warlock of Firetop Mountain and ended with the games console but is anybody else still hankering for that long dispelled thrill of the choose your adventure / fighting fantasy style gamebook?

Well, with the advancement of mobile phone apps, they are making a big comeback and a new generation are enjoying the retro thrills of an adventure where there are the star of the show.

But that’s not what I want to talk about here. Yes, they were fun at the time, but they have had their day. Haven’t they?

Apparently not as there is a new explosion of writers out there who have re opened pandora’s box with the belief that despite new polygon pushing processors on our HD screens, there is yet to be a console with wiring as complex and capable of imagining palpable science fiction as our very own brains. Well, most of our brains.

I trawled the internet for a high scoring gamebook I could get my hands on (yes, my actual hands, not at the other end of a gamepad) and I found a wealth of choice. The best of which was from Sandboxer Books who are new to the game and boy oh boy was I happy I picked it up! The original Fighting Fantasy Books were an open pit in which I poured hours of my childhood, each spanning 400 ‘chapters’ but this one is 530 long passages. It is huge. I got a lot of enjoyment out of it. I spent a lot of time with it. Now I need more.

It is called RED DOG and is by author Chris Young, apparently his first forage into this genre (at least that I could find.) Now, this is a ‘choose your adventure’ with a difference. Ever snuck back under the cover of darkness to your childhood and had another bite of the Fighting Fantasy cherry? Well this adventure is written better, is longer and free roaming. You heard it here folks. You are not forced down the garden path this time on a linear adventure. You can go where you like. It really is like having another world in your pocket. That is if you have clowns pockets because if you want a copy you had better have a tall bookcase. Its 9 by 6 inches!

Here’s the specs:-

”This is not the Earth you remember. Dragged from the present and into this dark and dangerous future, you have total freedom to uncover the hidden secrets of Earth, space station ‘Eden’ and the mysterious Blackbird Facility. Uncover a determined threat to the freedom of mankind and take your part in the revolution. The future is in your hands. RED DOG: A complete Fantasy Role Playing Game. Free Roaming * A Huge 530 passages of Text * An Expansive Universe Set Over Three Worlds * Detailed Illustrations, Maps and Plans * No Dice – Rely On Your Wits and Courage * Search Every Corner of the RED DOG Universe * Deeper Interactions – Talk to Anyone You Meet * Get an Advantage and Upgrade With Bio Implant Technology * A New Generation of RPG For A New Generation of Gamers.”

Give it a blast and help me put pressure on these guys to write another! Here is my review on Amazon:

I bought this because I used to be into the Fighting Fantasy ‘Choose your adventure’ books and thought I’d try it out. The mecha on the front is cool. The book completely blew me away. I really wasn’t expecting to get so drawn into it, it’s a really deep sort of experience and I like the way you start off with no memory of how you got there and it all gets explained on the way.

Compared to the books I read as a kid, it’s much more challenging and a hell of a lot bigger too. Its a big book. The pictures are great though I would have liked to see more of them and the gameplay is quite different from the FF books but I think it’s for adults.

There are no dice. I never used dice anyway so I didn’t miss that. It uses a kind of code system so you will need a pencil to write them down. For example, at one point I got a ‘Stealth’ chip implanted in my brain so I could use it anywhere and basically disappear. The way you can go back to places you already visited and use it is cool. You add the code to the page to use ‘Stealth’ which means you are not limited in how or where you use it. This gives you plenty of freedom and means that you can do what you want.

There much more freedom rather than being linear. I just wandered around, searching for stuff. There are books hidden all over the place which are all one story and it’s fun to find them and read them. It’s all connected and makes it rewarding to look around. And another thing I liked was that I didn’t get killed off for something that wasn’t my fault. The mecha is cool. You have to learn how to control it which is a great idea but I don’t want to spoil it so I’ll just say give it a go.

Overall, I highly recommend it. Definitely a big leap from the old school books. I wanted to get another one but this is the only one I could find by these guys, hopefully they’ll release another one I’d definitely play it.”

So there you have it guys. I’ll be emailing Sandboxer if I can find them and petitioning a second book. Read this and you’ll be doing the same!

Keep on keeping on folks


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Source by James A Holmes

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