Over the next few days, we’ll be looking back on the year end charts for the years that were covered in the 2019 editions of Oricon Flashback. Next up is 1999.


1.Utada Hikaru: ¥28,126,800,000

2.globe: ¥17,722,900,000

3.ZARD: ¥17,665,700,000

4.L’Arc~en~Ciel: ¥17,446,900,000

5.Ayumi Hamasaki: ¥15,709,900,000

6.GLAY: ¥12,445,700,000

7.Dragon Ash: ¥9,847,200,000

8.SPEED: ¥9,225,500,000

9.Ami Suzuki: ¥9,124,700,000

10.Mr.Children: ¥8,703,300,000


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