Do you love experimenting with different scents? Do you like mixing your own signature scent so you are immediately recognizable even at a distance? If yes, then this eBook is for you!
This eBook contains:
1. Fifty recipes of easy, homemade and organic perfume recipes.
2. 8 reasons why you should use organic perfumes.
3. Information about the essential equipments you need to prepare perfumes.
4. Popular and basic perfume ingredients that you need to get started.
5. Ability to prepare perfumes for half the price of commercial scents.
6. Customizable options for perfumes according to personal preferences.
7. Creating your OWN Signature Scent.
8. And lots more!
Keep reading to find out about the infinite possibilities of brewing your own perfect concoction. Master the art of perfume making and dazzle the people around you with your choices. After all, it’s the smell that attracts you first!

By Angelina Jacobs

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