I want more and more people to know about such a “Nihonshu Day”!
And I want to make sake itself even more exciting!

It was with this in mind that the first “Nihonshu Go Around” event started 11 years ago on October 1, 2008.
It was a modest event with just seven shops and breweries and about 350 customers. However, “It’s too much fun! Rumors of the event’s participants led to rumors, and as the years went by, the scale of the event grew, and before we knew it, it had spread across the country. Last year, the event grew into a legendary ladder-drinking event with 20,000 participants in 14 cities across Japan.

This year, the number of cities participating in the event has increased, and just as the event was about to become even more exciting, the corona epidemic appeared out of nowhere and spread across the entire country and the world in an instant. Is it possible to restore the ladder-drinking culture that has been overshadowed by it all? As a result of thorough discussions among the organizers, we have decided to hold this event because we believe that it is important to hold it now. In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, all participating shops have been given more than enough consideration, and we have decided to hold this event in a very different way from what we have been doing up until now, with many restrictions. We look forward to seeing you all at this event, as much as possible!

Customers could purchase a can badge of the sake character “Sakazukin” in advance and wear it on their chests at school or at work to advertise “Nihonshu Day” in a casual manner. In return for their publicity, the restaurants offer them a cup of sake recommended by the brewer. Customers, restaurants, and breweries work together to make “Sake Day” a fun day for all.
Let’s enjoy it together!
Please note that no breweries will be participating in this year’s event.

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