Let me introduce you to Sapphire. She is my new OC. Im proud of myself for actually sitting down and coming up with a bit of her personality and back story. She is a fairy that has a bit of pixie in her blood line. She is not a hige fan of humans so of she isnt picking on them and causing trouble she can be found flying playfully by some water or reading a book up in a tree that looks over a grove. She is from Fiore (because Im crazy about fairy tail so why not) and i do plan on adding a bit to her outfit. I plan on making her a wand with a big flower on the end and some vines and cute lil details. But I like her a lot. I hope you all do too….
#oc #cosplay #makeup #fairy #pixie #wig #fun #fiore #wings #occosplay #cosplayer #cosplaygirl #newcosplay #cosplayfun

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