♥️Hey my darlings! It’s @suglitecity
Master post for Private IG/ I wanna support you but hate Patreon
I’ve been hearing a lot of your feed back and due to my personal life going to shit, I need the money so here’s what I’ve done for those that hate patreon.
If you don’t hate it, please support me there, it’s easier for me to keep up there:
patreon.com/sailorrambo lol
I created a private IG you can access for $15.00 or 6 kofis (covers the Kofi fee), you access it per month although I’ll be selling 10 life long passes for $120.
You get my private snapchat, access to my private lewd Instagram and Google drive links to sets. As well as fun stories and interaction.
I really wanna build a community so come one! Come all!
If you want to go ahead and try it, send 6 kofis
Suglitecity@gmail.com is my PayPal and email!
Or join the foxy waifu tier on
You can also gain access by buying certain wish list items off of https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/3FLK2SB31JHQX
If you have any questions please email me! This is my side/back up account to @suglitecity
I haven’t made a master post about how fucked my life is but it is.
My life depends on #healthcare . I lost all sources of income not #cosplay and #twitch . My insurance is 1300$ without the co-pays or meds a month. That’s about my rent I just moved into a house after living in apartment nearly 2 years after my house fire and I thought life was finally looking up for me but nope, 3 weeks later cosplay is all I have.
I’ll write a master post about it later meanwhile, here’s this information!
♥️ Coat: @nanny_dree
#anime #zerotwo #zerotwocosplay #impliednude #sexycosplaygirl #darlinginthefranxx #animegirl #oppai #ecchii #cosplayer #cosplaygirl #gamergirl #twitch #twitchtv #invisableillness #potsie #autism #disabledcosplayer #disabled #chronicpain

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