Hi everyone, here comes Tommy!
This is an exciting announcement of the month!
Tommy’s will be hosting an event in collaboration with Penguin Sherpa, a
group in which my JOCV folk is engaging.
The name of the event is: KOME KOME EVENT!!

If you’ve never tried Japanese Sake, or if you are interested in but not sure which Sake to choose, this is a must-join event for you!

We will offer great local sake specially selected by SAKE BAR Tommy’S. Mr. Keisuke Matsushima, a dedicated sake sommelier of Tommy’S, will share with everyone how to enjoy Japanese sake.😆
Furthermore, we prepare a few kinds of rice so that you can enjoy the taste of the very ingredient for sake! You will be surprised to find the differences among Japanese rice and between Japanese and foreign rice.
We very much look forward to your participation 😉

【Date and Time】
Start at 6:30pm, Saturday, October 26, 2019
(Reception opens at 6pm)

3-22-20 Nishi-Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo 1110035
Mobile: 090-6483-1090

【Event schedule】
18:00~ Welcoming guests
18:30~ Start of the event
21:30 Conclusion of the event
※The bar will resume its regular business after the event

【Japanese Sake for the Event】
Matsu midori(松みどり) by Nakazawa-Shuzo(中澤酒造), Kanagawa Pref.
Shinsyu kirei(信州亀齢) by Okazaki-Shuzo (岡崎酒造), Nagano Pref.
Afs(アフス) by Kidoizumi-Shuzo (木戸泉酒造), Chiba Pref.

【Japanese Rice for the Event】
Indica rice

We also prepare great dishes going well with rice!
Deep-fried chicken (Karaage)
Rolled omlette (Tamago-yaki)
Grilled fish (Salmon, Mackerel)
Potato salad
Boiled egg
Spinach seasoned with sesame sauce
Broccoli with bonito flakes

【Entrance Fee】
3000 Yen(including tax)
(Please pay at the reception)

【How to Book】
Please directly call or send a message to SAKE BAR Tommy’S, or Press “Going” button in the event page of its Facebook.


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