While searching for standalone DVR, we usually find CIF, D1, 960H parameters in the resolution column of every single standalone DVR specification / technical table.

CIF, D1 & 960H are the recording and playback resolution for DVR.

These resolutions are the most important parameters that defines DVR performance and resolution

When referring to recording resolution the industry usually uses either a variant of CIF, which is 360 x 240 pixel resolution, or D1, which is 720 x 480 pixel resolution. There is a distinction that needs to be addressed here. Each DVR has a recording resolution and a live video resolution. The live video is always going to be clearer, so when you are evaluating DVR units you really need to know how the recorded video will look, since that will be your actionable evidence in the event of a security problem. D1 is currently the highest resolution used for recording, but most standalone DVRs are not able to record in D1 in realtime, which is 30 frames per second (fps) on all the channels at the same time, though some of the new units coming out are starting to improve on that.

What is CIF?

CIF is acronym of Common Intermediate Format.

It has 360*240 pixels video resolution

Features of CIF are:

  • CIF Resolution is suitable for Video Home System
  • Adopts non-interlaced scan technique
  • CIF is Economical
  • In PAL System CIF Resolution reaches up to 288 TV Lines
  • In NTSC the maximum video frame rate is 29.97fps.
  • CIF is an old resolution standard for video surveillance

What is D1?

In Video Surveillance industry there is a misconception that D1 resolution is the resolution that is used for recording, playback and real-time viewing but the fact is that D1 is a Digital TV System standard format; D1 resolution is similar to that of 4CIF

Features of D1 are:

  • D1 resolution is suitable for HD Video Home System
  • Adopts interlaced scanning techniques.
  • D1 is very economical
  • In PAL System CIF Resolution reaches up to 576 TV Lines
  • In NTSC the maximum video frame rate is 30fps

What is 960H?

960H is a new standard for security cameras and security DVR’s that provides high resolution images using advanced image sensors. Security cameras that are capable of 960H resolution produce an image that is 960 horizontal and 480 vertical pixels large (960×480).

Features of 960H are:

  • Higher Resolution Recording: Security cameras and DVR’s that supports 960H resolution are capable of producing superior images that are 34% sharper than D1 and more than 500% sharper than CIF.
  • Better Image Quality: Recording in 960 H resolution provides a greater amount of image details. Images are sharper and it is easier to distinguish objects that are close together.
  • True to Life: 960H creates a wide-screen picture
  • Easy to Upgrade: Upgrading to 960H will save your time and money compared with IP camera systems that require rewiring.

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Source by Godchi Simon

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