The Recording Industry Association of Japan Releases Its Digital Certifications for October

This month, one song from 2019 was certified Platinum for selling 250,000 copies: RADWIMPS‘ “Great Escape.”

One song from 2019 was certified Gold for selling 100,000 copies: milet’s “us.”

Million (1,000,000):

Aqua Timez – Niji (5/6/08)

JUJU – Yasashisa de Afureru You ni (2/11/09)

Triple Platinum (750,000):

Utada Hikaru – Hanataba wo Kimi ni (4/15/16)

Double Platinum (500,000):

Aimyon – Marigold (7/18/18)

Platinum (250,000):

Aimyon – Konya Kono Mama (10/24/18)

RADWIMPS – Great Escape (Movie edit) feat.Miura Toko (7/19/19)

Gold (100,000):

KANA-BOON – Fighter (1/29/17)

Mrs. GREEN APPLE – Ao to Natsu (7/12/18)

milet – us (7/31/19)


NMB48, Official HIGE DANdism, and Arashi Top the Billboard Japan Charts for the Week of 11/4 – 11/10

This week, NMB48 topped the Hot 100 single chart with their new single “Hatsukoi Shijou Shugi”, with 16,900 points.

Official HIGE DANdism retook the top spot on the Hot Albums chart with their album “Traveler”, topping the chart for the second non-consecutive week.

Official HIGE DANdism also topped the Streaming Songs chart for the 25th consecutive week with their single “Pretender.”

Arashi topped the Download Songs chart for the second consecutive week with their digital single “Turning Up.”

Official HIGE DANdism also topped the Download Albums chart with “Traveler.”

Hot 100

  1. [NEW] NMB48 – Hatsukoi Shijou Shugi: 16,900 points
  2. [↑8] Arashi – Turning Up: 13,297 points
  3. [↓1] Official HIGE DANdism – Pretender: 8,377 points
  4. [NEW] BiSH – KiND PEOPLE: 7,564 points
  5. [NEW] MiLK- ERA: 6,555 points
  6. [↓1] Kenshi Yonezu – Uma to Shika: 5,444 points
  7. [↓3] Official HIGE DANdism – Shukumei: 5,315 points
  8. [↓5] Official HIGE DANdism – Yesterday: 5,260 points
  9. [↓1] Aimyon – Marigold: 4,434 points
  10. [↓4] King Gnu – Hakujitsu: 4,176 points

Hot Albums

  1. [↑5] Official HIGE DANdism – Traveler
  2. [NEW] Kurusu Syo – Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Solo Best Album Kurusu Syo “Sweet Kiss”
  3. [↓1] Dotsuitare Hompo – Ah, Osaka dreamin’ night
  5. [↓4] Hey! Say! JUMP – PARADE
  7. [↑2] Spitz – Mikke
  9. [NEW] Nulbarich – 2ND GALAXY
  10. [NEW] milet – Drown / You & I

Streaming Songs

  1. [-] Official HIGE DANdism – Pretender
  2. [-] Official HIGE DANdism – Yesterday
  3. [-] Official HIGE DANdism – Shukumei
  4. [NEW] Arashi – Turning Up
  5. [↓1] King Gnu – Hakujitsu
  6. [↓1] Official HIGE DANdism – No Doubt
  7. [↓1] Aimyon – Marigold
  8. [↓1] Official HIGE DANdism – 115-man Kilo no Film
  9. [↑27] Arashi – Love so sweet
  10. [↓2] Suda Masaki – Machigai Sagashi

Download Songs

  1. [-] Arashi – Turning Up
  2. [-] Kenshi Yonezu – Uma to Shika
  3. [↑75] Arashi – One Love: 22,357
  4. [↓1] Katori Shingo – Trap
  5. [↑NEW] Arashi – Love so sweet
  6. [↑54] Arashi – BRAVE: 15,586
  7. [NEW] Arashi – Monster
  8. [NEW] Arashi – Happiness
  9. [↓2] Official HIGE DANdism – Pretender: 14,124
  10. [NEW] Arashi – GUTS!

Download Albums

  1. [↑2] Official HIGE DANdism – Traveler
  2. [↓1] Dotsuitare Hompo – Ah, Osaka dreamin’ night
  3. [NEW] milet – Drown / You & I
  4. [NEW] Nulbarich – 2ND GALAXY
  5. [↓3] Zutto Mayonaka de Ii no ni. – Hisohiso Banashi
  6. [↓1] Hoshino Gen – Same Thing
  7. [NEW] m-flo – KYO
  8. [NEW] Various Artists – DEATH STRANDING: Timefall (Original Music from the World of Death Stranding)
  9. [NEW] Touken Danshi formation of Mihotose – Musical “Touken Ranbu” ~Sanbyaku Nen no Komori Uta~
  10. [NEW] ASCA – Hyakka Ryoran


Rika Ishikawa is pregnant with her 2nd child

Former Morning Musume and v-u-den member Rika Ishikawa is pregnant with her 2nd child! She shared the exciting news on her official blog.

Ever since marrying her professional baseball player husband Ryoma Nogami back in 2017, Rika has mainly stayed out of the spotlight, focusing her time on her family. In April 2018 Rika announced that she had given birth to a baby boy.

In her November 18th blog post Rika apologized for the delay in the announcement and lack of updates in general, her last post being in September, and the one before that was in June. Rika shared that she is scheduled to give birth next year in January. She further went on to say that she will continue to cherish time with her family, and spend her days calmly.

Rika then joked that she will be blogging again…”Soon”. The sex of her 2nd baby has not been revealed yet.

Congrats to Charmy and Ryoma!


EXILE AKIRA and Lin Chi-ling Hold Wedding Ceremony

A few months ago, EXILE AKIRA announced his marriage to Taiwanese actress and model Lin Chi-ling. On November 17, the couple had a wedding ceremony Tainan, Taiwan. The city was chosen as the site of their ceremony due to it being her mother’s hometown. AKIRA suggested they have their ceremony there due to it being a place full of happy memories for Chi-ling’s family. He also chose it in an effort overcome the cultural and language differences that the couple has, creating a place of loving exchange in the process.

About 100 people attended the ceremony, including family members and close friends of AKIRA and Chi-ling.

After the ceremony, a reception was held at the Tainan Art Museum. About 3000 members of the public went to the museum to wish the couple well.

Even though no LDH members were in attendance, several did send congratulatory messages via video.



Oricon Flasback: Week of 11/11

Oricon Flasback: Week of 11/11

We’re back with this week’s edition of Oricon Flashback! This is where we look back on what topped the charts this week 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years ago. Think of it as a way to reminisce and learn about the past of Japanese music.



BAKUFU-SLUMP — I.B.W (first week sales: 129,460)

Image result for I.B.W.』 爆風スランプ


Wink — One Night In Heaven (first week sales: 105,460)



Mariah Carey — Merry Christmas (second week sales: 272,810)

Image result for mariah carey merry christmas deluxe


DREAMS COME TRUE — Suki (first week sales: 181,450)

Image result for dreams come true すき



GLAY – HEAVY GAUGE (second week sales: 305,390 / second consecutive week at #1)

Image result for glay heavy gauge


L’Arc~en~Ciel — LOVE FLIES (first week sales: 362,030)



ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION – Sol-Fa (second week sales: 300,468 / second consecutive week at #1)


ORANGE RANGE – Hana (second week sales: 182,684 / second consecutive week at #1)



Michael Jackson — This Is It (first week sales: 73,709)

Image result for michael jackson's this is it the music

Single / Billboard Hot 100:

KinKi Kids — Swan Song (first week sales: 160,407)

Image result for kinki kids swan song



D-LITE from BIGBANG — Delight (first week sales: 68,335)

Image result for daesung look at me gwisoon album


Dream5 + Buri Taicho — Dan Dan Dubi Zuba! (first week sales: 66,450)

Image result for Dan Dan Doobie Zubah!

Billboard Hot 100:

King Cream Soda — Matsuri Bayashi de Geragerapo

Image result for 妖怪 ウォッチ キング クリーム ソーダ


Sawajiri Erika arrested for alleged possession of synthetic drug MDMA

Actress Sawajiri Erika was arrested on the 16th on alleged possession of the synthetic drug MDMA, in Tokyo. No further information on the amount of drugs or details of the arrest available. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department will release more details later on today.

Sawajiri has appeared in many popular movies such as “Shinjuku Swan”, “Closed Note”, and “Pacchigi!”.

Among them, she played the lead role in the 2012 movie “Helter Skelter” and won one of the best actresses award in a leading role at the Japan Academy Awards.

In addition, she was announced to be part of next year’s NHK taiga drama “Kirin ga Kiru”, playing the part of Nobunaga Oda’s wife, “Kicho”.

(via NHK)


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