135 – AnimeNext 2014 Recap

Show Schedule:

Looking Glass Revue:  June 27, USO Tribute Show, Allentown, PA

Saikoucon:  August 22 – 24, Breinigsville, PA – OFFICIAL COSPLAY BURLESQUE SHOW!

I wonder, I wonder, do you know what I wonder?

Actually, I don’t – because I was there at the AnimeNext 2014 and it was GAWDDAMNED AWESOME.  Y’all need to go see Revolutionary Girl Utena RIGHT NOW.

Featuring:  Triple Jay, The Real Nuriko, Melodic Suki, Raurenu, Mika Romantic, Esmerelda May, Murder Nurse, Nana Valtiel, Oliver Swisskey, Cherry Valentine, Allen Ryde, Fonda Feeling, a guest appearance by Kriv Scrivello, and of course Fearless Leader Holly Ween

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