Let’s enjoy an international party in only Nihongo with many wines and snacks!
I think this event is the most affordable in Tokyo.
It is OK if you can’t speak Japanese well or come by yourself♪
But please speak in Japanese even if you are from the same countries.
So Japanese people who are not good at English can participate easily and this is a cozy event.
Foreign visitors can also study Japanese.
There are people from all age groups and all different backgrounds and nationalities that attend this event every time.

1. Speak only Japanese.
2. Seats will be rearranged a few time so that you can talk with many people.
3. Reasonable fee: 500 yen.
(wine, soft drinks and snacks available for entire time of event)
4. Fee will be charged after the event,
but if you feel bored you don’t need to pay.
5. I don’t ask unnecessary information without name.

Please stop absolutely as we will charge you if you damage the fixtures.

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